The Flash 2×23:The Race of His Life

Or: Don’t Time Travel Angry Barry!

Well. That was expected. And also unexpected. We’re going to have to break this puppy down. It’s going to be long. Apologies.

The episode picks up right where the last one left off, with Henry murdered right before Barry’s eyes. All I’m going to say is that Grant’s acting was top notch, and the scene specifically pointed to the fact that Barry feels 11 years old and helpless once more. He looks younger than he has in a long time and specifically babbles the phrase “don’t leave, not again” over his father’s dead body. Last ep I pointed out Barry just standing there as a weak point in the writing, but with this scene as well I can go with the idea that Barry was paralyzed with fear because he’s already been here once before. Having that trauma play out again brings back everything about the first time, and it can make you feel as hopeless and powerless as it did then. For all his speed and heroism, Barry right here is just that 11 year old boy again. I can accept that idea now. It’s possible I’m just trying to make myself feel better, but with the writing choices there I can run with it and feel it is justified.

Either way, the acting was stellar.

Zoom is feeling pretty satisfied at the emotional damage he’s caused and does some good Emperor Palpatine channeling, encouraging Luke Barry to feel the anger and use it. Barry is feeling justifiably angry, of course, and a chase ensues. While Barry takes a shortcut, Zoom splits into two and Barry picks up the chase with only one of them. I think watching a speedster trip another speedster is one of my favorites moves, it’s so simple and effective. Suck it, Zoom. Their speed force battle is well done with effects and choreography, and compared to last season’s finale fight with the Reverse Flash you can see that Barry has improved quite a bit. Remnant Zoom is good with being caught though, and encourages Barry to kill him. Barry hesitates, so Zoom kills himself…again. Really, Zoom. You need help. But the time remnant idea seeds the idea for later in the episode and that’s a good thing.

Henry’s funeral…hurt. He’s buried next to Nora now, and Barry is a biological orphan. Team Flash is all there, but it’s Iris Barry looks to when he attempts to speak about his dad, and her he moves to when he can’t do it and needs support. That moment was very real, and speaks volumes about their relationship and how they lean on each other. It also speaks about Barry’s mindset. True to the stages of grief, he’s in denial. He doesn’t want it to be true, and speaking about Henry at his funeral makes it too real. So he can’t. Kudos to Joe for being strong for Barry and speaking for him. Joe’s words about how Henry was proof that love can get you through the darkest of days is similar to Iris’ line last episode about never being alone no matter how dark it gets. The universe is trying to tell Barry this but he’s lost in a fog and can’t recognize it. I can understand that, sometimes the universe has to hit me on the head to get me to listen. Barry does have a support system, but it doesn’t remove the pain of Henry’s loss and the fact that they will now never be able to make up for lost time. Barry instead is angry and emotional, promising his father’s coffin that he will take from Zoom what was taken from Henry. That’s a bit of a warning sign, and Joe is vigilant in noticing it.

That night at the West home, Wally melts my heart when he brings Barry a plate of food and tries to express how much it means to him that Barry is the Flash and how sorry he is for what he has gone through. Wally needs cookies. I love him to death. While Barry and Wally were doing fine growing closer, this gave both of them but particularly Wally a large push forward. Suddenly this explains a lot to Wally, and he can see Barry in a whole new light because he has the whole picture finally. Wally’s self-protection wall is down completely now and his focus changes to protecting or helping Barry. He’s a true West. While I don’t completely love that the story telling is so Barry-centric that others feel less fleshed out and everything is often all about Barry, that’s a writing issue and I can always appreciate Wally and his growth. Wally is a good person inside and his walls have always been there to protect himself, not harm others. Two dozen cookies!

Barry is already thinking about capturing Zoom and what the baddie’s plan is. Cisco is worried about his vibing earth 2 destruction. It’s basically a reminder to the audience that we need to think about Zoom’s ultimate plans before he shows up in 2.2 minutes. Barry heads to the porch to get some air and Iris follows. Barry mentions that he finally felt he had obtained some peace regarding his mother and not saving her, but now that his father is gone too he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to deal with it. Iris tells him he’s going to have to find a way or it’s going to tear him apart. Sound familiar? Speed force Nora told him the same thing. Barry, the universe is trying to tell you something!

Oops, never mind Zoom shows up and ruins the moment. Barry, true to impulsive emotional fashion, pursues. Zoom challenges him to a race, which seems simple enough. Zoom just wants to know who’s fastest. Race him or he’ll kill more people Barry loves. Sure. It could be that simple.

No it can’t. The team quickly puts together that Zoom stole a magnetar from Mercury Labs (Hey that did come back! I hoped it would.) and can transform it into a pulsar. By doing so he could weaponize it and destroy earth 2 or even more with the power source of two speedsters. Barry decides he’s got no choice, he’ll just have to race Zoom and win. Um, Barry? That’s a big gamble.

Seems simple enough, but Barry isn’t thinking clearly. Barry wants to beat him so bad, (of course he does!) and he also is desperate to protect the remaining people he loves, not to mention the rest of the multiverse. These are all good motivations, they have purely good intent. But when Joe tries to talk to Barry about it you see that he has no real plan, he’s overly emotional, and Joe makes the valid point that running into this without a plan and further knowledge is a bad play. Joe is right. When it becomes clear that Barry is working solely off of anger about his father, he is simply obsessed with killing Zoom and doing “whatever it takes” and Joe cannot talk to him rationally, he and Harry tranquilize Barry and lock him in the pipeline.

When Barry comes to, the team tells Barry that he’s too angry and can’t race Zoom without a plan. He’ll lose. The team unanimously made the decision that for Barry’s own good he needs to be removed from the equation. Despite his pleas, they lock him away and work on their own plan to stop Zoom.

*record scratch* Enter Kuzco the Llama.

Ok. I need to point out a few things. Yes, at first it’s really upsetting that the team unanimously decided to lock Barry up and remove his agency about this decision. But, in retrospect, it clearly shows several things.

*begins writing on the screen*

  1. The team was entirely correct. Barry was focused on racing and winning against Zoom and in his overly emotional thinking made the huge assumption that winning would thus stop the multiverse being affected in any way. Later in the ep, we find that once the magnetar is fully powered there is no stopping it. Barry would have arrived thinking he had it all figured out and by the time he put it all together it would have been much too late and he would have helped cause disaster on a catastrophic scale. Then there’s the assumption that Barry could beat Zoom, which thus far he has not. Zoom’s ultimate goal was not the race, and the team was rational enough to see that. Barry was not. By locking him up and attempting their own way, the team averted the destruction of countless worlds.
  2. It sets up Barry for the huge decision later in the episode and reminds the audience that Barry is susceptible to making bad decisions based entirely on his emotional state. He has always been this way, remember him turning off his comm after discovering Cisco built a cold gun? Not a practical decision, an emotional one. This reminds us of that precedent already set and that Barry is at his worst with it after a huge emotional toll. It also sets up the reason why Barry doesn’t talk to anyone about his later decision before he does it.
  3. It shows that the team views him as a leader much of the time but does not blindly follow him. It recognizes that each member has agency and makes their own choice and that they work well as a team.They aren’t blind sheep. This is basically a team intervention because Barry is out of control. He’s not an addict, but he is in an emotional fog. He’s not reliable right now.
  4. It gives the opportunity for several team members to display some great character moments, which I always applaud because they all need and deserve them, and their varied reactions give lovely insight into who they are. Cisco vacillated the most because he really wants to believe Barry is right but even he acknowledged that it was for the best. Joe questioned whether they had made the right decision only because it was so emotionally difficult to see the look of betrayal on Barry’s face, not because he doubted it rationally. And Iris, Iris!

*draws a quick sketch of Iris and circles it many times in red marker*

  • Iris had an incredible moment of character. Barry’s heartbroken look when he realizes she was in on the decision and agreed to it, her own look of sorrow but her refusal to back down from it, and her clear “Yes, we did.”  when Joe asks her if they did the right thing was a beautiful moment of character growth. She may be a love interest, but that’s not all she is. She thinks for herself, and her love for a man doesn’t blind her to his flaws or what needs to be done. Yes she loves Barry, but she also sees him for who he is and gets how he works. That is so important, because we can’t truly love someone unless we accept their flaws too. Iris doesn’t buckle under the pressure of a right decision even when it hurts like hell. This is not the girl we saw in the pilot episode who didn’t become a cop because her father refused to speak to her until she withdrew her application. Iris West has grown so much and become so strong over two seasons and I love it. Candice Patton has said that often audiences don’t want to see a woman character evolve, they want a full blown character who has all the answers right now, and I agree that is a problem. I also think often we as women viewers are afraid we will never get the full evolution so we’ll take a finished product in lieu of a flat one-dimensional character, simply out of fear that our hopes might remain unfulfilled. Writing for women as a whole is lacking that way. But in spite of some issues with the writing for her, Iris has grown and changed and strengthened, and this moment clearly defines that. *draws little hearts around Iris West* I can see the character evolution, and I love it. Please keep up the forward momentum, writers. Iris West deserves it and so does Candice Patton. Don’t move her to the sidelines again, please.

*holds up llama hooves* Ok, moving on, sorry to slow you down….

*scribbles out Barry’s bad choice at the end of this ep* eh heh heh heh…..

It was a beautifully acted scene on all parts, and while I now understand that the team was in the right, my heart broke a bit for Barry because he’s hurting so badly already and now feels betrayed and alone.

Before they move into the plan Jessie tells Harry that she sees how emotionally invested he is with the team here and while she wants to go back to earth 2, she supports the idea of Harry staying on earth 1 if that’s what makes him happy. Harry, understandably, is a bit torn.

The team’s plan to capture Zoom was mostly a good one, but the logical part of my brain was screaming about the fact that it makes no sense whatsoever to push Zoom through a breach if he’s able to open another and come right back again. The whole breach idea and Zoom being able to do it himself is a really weak point in this plot and has been for  a while. I do laugh at how they are good with leaving earth 2 at Zoom’s mercy again, lol. But I guess they were dealing with what they had, no matter how flawed.

It starts pretty well. Caitlin distracts Hunter and tells him she wants to be with him and accepts the darkness inside of her. Iris is coaching her in the van, which is really nice. Three ladies in the van! I want this all the time. Hunter is tempted but decides it’s too late and moves to kill Caitlin, but she was really just a projection from the van. This effectively shows Zoom is way too far gone and even the human part of him that Caitlin once could reach is now gone. He’s a full blown monster now. The rest of the team moves in.

Harry hits Zoom with the boot, and Joe attempts to tranquilize him. But as fate (or necessary writing) would have it, Joe’s weapon malfunctions and he races down to Zoom himself to inject him with the darts. (Why do they need the darts? Never mind, keep going.) This enables Zoom to grab Joe as he goes through the breach Cisco created and take him with him. Joe, having made everyone promise to go with the plan no matter what and stick with it, has no expectation of being rescued.

But he didn’t count on Wally. Wally wasn’t in on any of the plan and he’s not too happy when he is finally informed that Barry is locked up, Joe is on earth 2, and the team plans to leave him there. Bless my rebellious cinnamon roll, he heads straight to Barry’s cell to let him out. Wally is not ready to call it quits on another parent, and Barry is still his hero. Hotheads, unite!

Meanwhile Joe gets his turn on earth 2 and Zoom’s prison. We are treated to a bit of backstory on Zoom, which basically (I think) is only there to make sure the audience knows what his motivation has been all this time since it’s so murky. We also see that Zoom is fully aware of the time wraiths too, he broke the speed force rules and they have been after him ever since. (Funny, I haven’t seen any pursuing him.)

We also get story on the man in the metal mask, and how he was a speedster from another earth that Zoom originally brought to his lair to steal speed from, but it wouldn’t take. So he masqueraded as a hero and stole the speedster’s name. Jay Garrick. I yell “Called it!” I think a lot of us did, really. We all wait to find out what his face looks like now but I’m sure a lot of us already knew that too. Zoom brags about how Barry became the new target and he did manage to steal Barry’s speed and thus feels he has beaten the system the speed force put in place.

Meanwhile back at the lab…

Barry, now understandably upset (lol), is now even more angry. They tried to beat Zoom, and now Joe is gone. The team doesn’t have a lot of room to argue with him now, but they really try. Cisco makes a good point that Barry is not okay. Caitlin appeals as well. It’s all true. Barry’s not okay. But the one thing locking him up did was force him to stop and think instead of acting immediately, and now that can be used to everyone’s benefit. The team and Barry come up with a plan, and that’s really all the team wanted from Barry in the first place. I don’t think they had a problem with him racing Zoom as much as they had a problem with him not considering all angles and having a plan.

Cisco pulls another trick out of his hat and enables Barry to contact Zoom on earth 2. They negotiate for Joe’s life and agree to race. Joe must be rolling his eyes, no one ever listens to him. Did he really think they would? How long was Barry supposed to be locked up, until he died? The minute he got out he’d be all over getting Joe back. Sorry Joe, that’s what happens when people care about you.

The team is a unified front when Zoom arrives for the race. He won’t release Joe until after the race, because who on earth would give up their extra leverage before they get what they want? That’s fair. The team confronts Zoom on his plan to destroy the multiverse and he pretty much owns up to it. Then he can reign supreme on this earth. It could seem lame that Barry is willing to race and help Zoom commit multiverse genocide, ending billions of lives to save one man. But in retrospect Barry was willing to give up his speed to save Wally, thus endangering his city and possibly earth 1 for one person, so it’s reasonable for Zoom to expect that Barry would do that again. I argued for Barry’s decision last time, while my husband was frustrated that Barry wasn’t considering the good of many over the good of one. It’s a legitimate point, I’ll concede, but I was interested in Barry’s growth through it. Here we see evidence of that growth again. Barry almost killed himself to fix the problem last time, and now he knows he needs to go in with a better plan because conceding to a monster even if it will save one life will only endanger others farther down the road. Barry has grown and is growing, but he still isn’t infallible, as we all can see later.

I appreciate the team verbally and physically putting their faith in Barry at this moment and believing in him, it’s necessary after the imprisonment, lol. They refuse to leave and decide if it goes bad they’ll all go out together. When Barry reassures Iris and Wally he’ll get their father back, Wally replies with “No. You’ll get our dad back.” Wally is doing some growing too, and right here is where he lets Barry know he is still part of a family even though both of his parents are dead. I think Wally needs brownies too. Iris tells Barry to kick Zoom’s ass. Ok they both need brownies.

The race starts, and it looks like Barry is losing. He can’t stop Zoom and he can’t stop racing or Joe dies. Oh dear, it looks like all hope is lost. (Can you detect my sarcasm through the internet?) No wait. Barry, finally adapting his enemy’s trick for himself, creates a time remnant and performs double duty. He races, frees Joe, engages Zoom in hand to hand combat, and the double gives his life to create another pulse to cancel out the first one. Nifty.

The final fight goes down and finally Barry has learned some new tricks and can kick a season big bad guy’s ass. It is so overdue, we’ve been waiting for a while. It’s very satisfying. But here again a dilemma. Barry’s a good guy, isn’t he supposed to not kill?  Oh right, he doesn’t have to because the time wraiths have been looking for Zoom (apparently) for a while and now they’ve found him. If making a time remnant annoys them so badly where were they the last thirty times Zoom did it?

Nevertheless, they descend on Zoom and quickly emaciate him, turning him into a version of themselves. His symbols change from black to red (don’t think we didn’t see that!) and they head off to the speed force with him, I’m assuming. I’m just glad he’s gone. Good riddance.

Poor Wally. Even explained, this time remnant thing makes very little sense. Wally, I feel you. Joe, we all look like that when this show explains science.

Meanwhile, Harry and Cisco have been working hard to free metal mask man from his head prison. They finally manage to get the mask off, and even while the speedster is speaking different members of the team start to react to him. But none more than Barry. Yep. The real Jay Garrick is the spitting image of Henry Allen with a whole lot of mustache and beard.

It’s a bittersweet thing for Barry and for me. I loved Henry Allen and I was frustrated to see him treated as he was this season and then killed off for angst and shock value. At the same time, I was glad John Wesley Shipp has now had a chance to play two speedster heroes in his lifetime and might still appear on the show. If anyone can do justice to the name Jay Garrick it’s him, especially after it has been dragged through the mud all season. But it’s not Henry Allen, and the constant reminder is difficult. That’s exactly where Barry is, amplified to 100.

Barry, naturally, has a bit of a breakdown in the hallway and Joe helps him regain control. They agree Jay has no idea he’s a painful reminder of Henry and shouldn’t have to bear that burden. But man he looks good in a red Flash costume! It was nice to see John as a speedster again. The hat, originally Hunter’s, Jay adopts as a casual way to steal back from Hunter after so much had been stolen from him. Especially because the hat stood for hope on earth 2. Go for it, Jay.

Harry agrees to go back to earth 2 with Jessie and help Jay return to his earth 3. Goodbyes are said and yes its lovely but I can’t help wondering if Jessie and Harry will reappear again next season. I really want Jay to. Jessie will miss Wally, awwwww. Harry called Cisco by his first name! AWWWWWWW.

And Barry is left to dwell on his recent loss.

In a scene that bookends the one at the beginning of the episode, Barry and Iris sit on the porch again.

This scene is beautiful in so many ways. Again, Iris notices that Barry has left and comes out to show her support. Again, Barry opens up and shares a little of how he’s feeling. Iris is right there for him and wants to help. So she offers the only thing that might be a bit of brightness in these dark days. She and Barry moving forward in their relationship. It’s a beautiful thing, but Barry is now so far into depression that the one thing he would have given anything for can’t make it all better anymore. He has nothing to give her. He’s a hollowed out version of himself and she deserves better.

I had hoped this might happen and I was so proud of Iris when it did. Iris fully understood and told Barry she was willing to wait. She of all people knows that it takes time to process grief and loss. So she tells Barry to do what he needs to do to find some peace, and she’ll wait for him. It’s the kind of selfless gesture I would expect from them, and I wasn’t disappointed. And Iris follows up with the words we’ve all been waiting to hear her say out loud. She loves him. FINALLY! The kiss that follows is a beautiful thing, filmed with light and silhouettes, and it’s a soft perfect kiss between two best friends who grew to love each other more. Also the music was gorgeous. Barry tells her he loves her too, and always will. We wonder if this is the bittersweet moment the season will end on.

But no.

Barry waits until Iris goes back inside and apologizes. He uses the “I have to do this” phrase and I wail in agony. Oh no, he’s about to pull a masterpiece of a mistake. He’s still in the denial stage of grief, remember? Just when you think he can’t mess the past up any more, he saves his mother. The Barry that came back in time last season and didn’t save her fades away from his hiding place behind the door. Barry reassures Nora that she’s safe.

Uh oh.

I’ll admit to feeling some satisfaction watching him pound the Reverse Flash. I would love Nora to live. On the surface, this seems like something that would bring Barry peace. But time wants to happen, and certain things have to go a certain way. I have no doubt there will be unseen consequences for this choice.

And now we have to wait months to see what they are.

Where’s my soapbox? I’m gonna have to name it Barry because it’s always him I have to get up here for.

Soapbox Time!: 

Ok. Yes, Barry has made a crazy choice. One that we kind of expected last season. After all his growth in the speed force and coming to terms with his mother’s death, it seems quite a regression to have him suddenly pull a move like this. It throws everything into question and waiting over hiatus is stressful and sucks. We’re all a bit frustrated. But at the same time, this is one time where I get Barry’s “I have to do this” line.

For him, he does have to.

He has to try. The what-ifs and what could have happened thoughts have been eating at Barry all season, and his attempts to get over it and be happy have largely failed. He had a shot and he didn’t take it. Now he has to actually take it and learn for himself, by difficult real experience, that it can’t happen that way and it won’t fix everything. Which of us, if we had the power to change it, would be able to resist the temptation to rearrange our lives and remove some of the tragedy and loss? The temptation would be unbearable. Some people seem unable to learn from the experience of others and insist on going on to make those mistakes themselves before they can learn from it. Barry is one of those people. It’s very frustrating to watch, but I know real people like this so it’s not out of the realm of reality.

It scored points for me as well that Barry realizes he is broken and hollow and has little to give to Iris. This is his attempt to find peace and make himself whole so he can be the person Iris deserves. He’s aware that he shouldn’t be depending on her for all of his emotional well-being and coping. She can’t carry both of them and she shouldn’t have to. Part of a real relationship is leaning on each other. Barry needs to make peace with this for good and fix himself.

As for the speed force episode and then this decision, yeah I blame the writers for that a bit. It’s too choppy and inconsistent to pretend he made such great strides only to take it away two episodes later. But I will say that the speed force made Barry think he had it managed finally, but he didn’t. He had a nice moment with his mom. He still hadn’t “found a way”, and the first major trauma tore him apart again.

There’s a reason Zoom took Barry back to his childhood home to kill Henry, symbolically. By making the narrative take this path, they are returning Barry to his original 11 year-old state after the tragedy of his parents. All growth is undone. But that speed force ep! Yeah. But it did happen after 16 years of pain and finally Barry thought he had made peace with it. Time helps a lot. Henry’s death was like two day ago, and any growth Barry thought he achieved was destroyed in the trauma.

This episode has taken pains to point out that Barry isn’t thinking rationally at all, and winning against the bad guy doesn’t bring his father back or make it all better. Even the woman of his dreams doesn’t make it all better, and I appreciate that the point is made because it’s the same in real life. Iris will be instrumental to his happiness in the future, but relying on her to make his life feel perfect is the wrong way to view the relationship.

I’m not saying I agree with his impulsive and thoughtless choice to go save his mother, but I am saying I can see where Barry thought it would fix things and ultimately undo everything the Reverse Flash messed up in the first place. But things don’t usually work out that simply. Barry’s going to have to learn the hard way.

My hope for next season is that Barry actually learns this time and finds a way to handle tragedy and loss. A real way, a healthy way. I have no doubt it will involve a happy life with Iris, because he needs her in every aspect of his life. This is no different. So I hope when he finally fixes the mess he just caused he returns a better man who has found some peace and that it plays into his relationship with Iris.

Some would call this a selfish choice. It totally was! But I can understand the mindset Barry was in. It was a selfish choice borne of pain and loss and it wasn’t thought through at all. Barry will learn that. And he’ll learn that he still has so much in his life even in the face of loss, and he needs to actually embrace it. Wally, Joe, the S.T.A.R. Labs team and especially Iris.  And once he figures it out I have no doubt he’ll have to struggle to get back to what he gave up so cavalierly. Nothing worth having comes easy.

This is my wish for him next season. I hope we get it. I don’t want to have to get up here again, Barry. Honestly. I’m hanging up the soapbox for a while.


Stuff I Wanna Complain About:

  • I am going to point out that Francine didn’t get a funeral. That’s annoying. I do not ever begrudge Henry getting one, but Francine was brushed off to the side for much of her story line, and it was frustrating. Francine deserved a funeral.
  • Also, it was a bit of a cop-out to have the magnetar so mystifying to the team that they didn’t dare touch it or move it for fear of destroying the planet. Awfully convenient, and very similar to last season’s particle accelerator future battery. I’ll stop complaining now. Maybe. I mean, I know the lack of a simple off switch heightens the drama and complicates the plot, but at least make it believable!
  • Why does it matter if Barry kills Zoom or not when he already killed 2 metahumans at the beginning of the season and it didn’t seem to phase anyone?
  • Well that’s the most convenient arrival of time wraiths ever. I know Barry said making a time remnant called them, but Zoom doing it thousands of times must have gone to voicemail.


  • “You have to find a way or it’s going to tear you apart.” This theme has been prominent in the last part of the season. It’s clear Barry understands he has to find a way, but understanding that and doing it are two different things. He doesn’t know how to find a way yet, and his ideas on how to do that are disastrous mistakes. I really hope part of next season is focused on him actually finding the right way to deal with tragedy, because we need some growth in that area and we need it to stick. Fingers crossed.
  • “One pulse to destroy them all.” Cisco, I can always count on you to make me laugh at inopportune moments.
  • “Wait, Barry… kick his ass.” LOL! Iris makes a motion to tell Barry one last thing and everyone expects it to be something mushy. Nope. Have I mentioned how much I love her? She knows he can do it.
  • I appreciated the time remnant idea at the end and especially the point it made that even a remnant of Barry is willing to die for the people he loves, but if this show ever uses that trick again I am going to scream. It’s been done to death. Kill all the remnants!
  • “Hey don’t be surprised if I project myself over to earth 2 every once in a while just to throw your stuff across the office.” Cisco the poltergeist.


  • Zoom’s symbols changing from black to red indicate that he may return as the Black Flash, basically a grim reaper for speedsters who appears to one before their death. This explains why Tony Todd, who voices Zoom, said he’d be back but Teddy Sears most likely won’t. It leaves room for very interesting possibilities next season or whenever they decide to pick that thread up again.
  • Everyone is thinking Flashpoint Paradox now, after Barry has finally succeeded in saving his mother. The question is how long will the altered timeline last and how badly is it messed up? I am honestly hoping for a few eps and then back to normal, just because going to the mid-season finale or longer would get terribly wearing. But it wouldn’t shock me if they made it a crossover event somehow.
  • I wonder who Tom Cavanaugh will be playing next season and if Jessie will return. I hope she will.
  • Still waiting on Wally and Jessie’s speedster status!
  • Are you telling me Black Siren is still cooling her heels in the pipeline prison?! That’s where they left her last week.
  • I want more REAL Jay Garrick in season 3!!!! Gimme!!!!!!! Five minutes of a real Jay Garrick hero isn’t enough after all the damage the Hunter Zolomon plot did to him.
  • Okay writers, I meant it a few reviews ago when I said I’d come back if you cliff-hangered westallen. But I’m telling you right now if you delay it any further after we get back to season 3, I’m probably going to have to check out. I’m not here for years of angst. It gets old, and you’ve delayed it long enough. We’d like to see Barry and Iris actually in a relationship, and that kiss better not be forgotten when everything is said and done. Don’t be afraid of commitment!!


I’m sure I’ll have something to say about the Flash before the next season starts, but for now we are on hiatus. What did you think? Hit the comments! 🙂

Beautiful above gif by stevenrogered on tumblr.


3 thoughts on “The Flash 2×23:The Race of His Life

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  2. Ah! Just spent the morning reading your thoughtful, intelligent reviews and nodding to almost everything you’ve said! Your in-depth level of analysis is so exceptional and refreshing! I have always loved the Flash but when Season 2 started I was happy to just binge watch on the weekend. It wasn’t until Westallen finally gained momentum once again, that I became really glued to my screen. These last few episodes were quite an emotional ride! I don’t think my heart can handle the beginning of Season 3 until the whole Flashpoint issue is resolved so I’m definitely looking forward to keeping up-to-date over here! So delighted that Zack Stenz and Kevin Smith will be back. Hopefully, we will continue to get great writing for Iris and more interaction between all of the characters- they have such a stellar cast! Anyway, I just wanted to say keep up the great work- the Flash fandom needs bloggers like you!

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